Digital Foundation Workshop

Get clients, even without an audience.

Set up your sales system and learn Facebook Ads in just 1-day!


At the end of this workshop, you will know how to set up the technology to make money online.


Setup Your System


Drive Traffic


Continuous Experimentation

20+ Years of Experience

In the Digital Arena


Digital Foundation

Learn how to use technology to manage and grow your business online.

Learn how to

  • Work with easy-to-use Technology

  • pen_pencil_edit_writeCreated with Sketch (

    Identify Potential Buyers

  • Automate Your Sales Process

  • Get Paid Online

  • Clients, communication, discussion, social media, users

    Manage Your Clients

  • See the big picture and know what to focus on today.

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If you can post on Social Media, You can build an Online Business


For who is this workshop?

This Workshop is for Entrepreneurs that...

  • Want to build a Business Online and need help with Technology.

  • Use Social Media to build their Brand and already have a product to sell.

  • Know exactly how to do everything but not sure where to start.

  • Need to make their Facebook Ads profitable.

  • Is willing to do what it takes to get the results they want.

  • Want to know they are doing it right.

Don't make building a business more complicated than it actually is.Start with the basics and build on top of that.

The Schedule

What you can expect.

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    Receive a warm welcome from your Coach and meet your fellow participants.

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    Digital Fundamentals

    Learn what is possible Online and how to apply this to your Business.

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    Introduction to the Builder

    We show you step-by-step how to build your sales system without writing a single line of code.

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    Build a Landings Page

    Collect email addresses from potential customers.

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    Getting Sales

    Learn the strategy behind building a Sales System that Converts.

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    We all need time to rest & recharge

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    Build Your Sales System

    We provide a step-by-step guide and will be with you to answer questions and help you through the process

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    Next Steps

    How to install & use the FB Pixel and track the people going through your system.

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    Open Q&A

    Got a question left or would like some strategy advice? We are here for you, even after the workshop is done..

See for yourself

A short Demo to show you how it works


Above you see the technology you will use during the workshop to build your sales system.

Your Investment

Turn €374 into €5K/month+ after you've mastered these skills.

These skills are in high demand as the world is moving online and not many people know how to do this yet.Improve your own sales process to convert more visitors into clients or help other people master theirs.

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At the end of this workshop, you will know how to set up the technology to nurture your leads and sell your programs, workshops, or services.

Meet Your Coach


Hi, my name is Randy Hereman. 4 Years ago I became Vegan which started a journey of self-discovery. I had to rethink my day-to-day choices and find alignment into the person I wanted to be.
I decided to switch up my life, quit my job, and become a Digital Execution Coach to help Committed Leaders, building a more inclusive world, Execute Online.
20+ years ago I started building websites and never looked back.Here is a podcast where you can get to know me in-depth.

About the Workshop

The Digital Foundation Workshop is the result of four years of testing, implementing, and learning until I found the perfect workflow. This workshop will be given by me, I'll be there LIVE to help you get things done, every step of the way. And if you have any further questions, hit the green button in your right corner to start a live chat with me.

Stop Thinking, Start Doing

Get Clarity & Focus with the 3-Week Sprint System



In 3-5 hours you will know exactly what actions will get you to your bigger goals, today!

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